About Michelle

Even in 2021 stigma is still around cannabis. 

I believe the stigma is bigger for women because of all the demands society

has put on us, and what we put on ourselves.  But in reality, we should

Celebrate Cannabis Use! Quote By Cannabis Cheri.

Hi, My name is Michelle, welcome to my little corner of the internet world.


I’m a weed-loving introverted empath, highly sensitive spiritual being,

young empty nester, wife, first-time boxer dog mom, cannabis educator,

coach, writer, and wanna-be crafty lady.

I’m in the business of helping men and women get comfortable with weed.  


I chose to use cannabis in 2016 and I hid it from everyone, my son,

my family, and friends. At the time, I was a Project Manager and I had

the potential to grow in that company but I threw it all away. 


Why? Chronic pain, anxiety, depression and, IBS. 

I would only learn about my IBS because of my anxiety and I learned about

the connection between the gut and the mind.  


My chronic pain would finally be diagnosed as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome with chronic sciatica.  Only on the right side of my body. I have a permanent weakness on my right side that no matter how much exercise and strength training I do - it will never be what it was. 


Weed became a lifesaver. At least in the beginning. I fell into the trap that many people believe - I know how cannabis works, light up and you feel better.  But I would learn that that “treatment” only works for so long. 


Weed is a lot more complicated than smoking it. And it would take moving my family from Northern Virginia to Colorado to really understand how it worked.


This is why I created the Seven Elements of Cannabis. It helps men and women understand the complicated weed plant in an easy and digestible way. I help you get comfortable with weed so you can find the right way to fit it into your life.  


I chose to self-medicate with cannabis but I started wrong. I didn’t understand the potential and full impact of cannabis. I don’t want others to start the way I did. There are so many ways to use cannabis from health to the environment. 

I help you understand the 7 Elements of Cannabis, to empower you to use the plant and change how you use it to better your life. 

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