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About Michelle

About Michelle

I started using cannabis to help with chronic pain, gut issues, and stress. MariJane Simplicity was an idea I had in 2019 because of the struggles I had with using cannabis. 

The cannabis industry didn't provide much for cannabis education and I had to piece together information from books, the internet and take every cannabis education course I could find.


Eventually becoming a certified cannabis coach. 


All for me to figure out - oh! this is how it works and how it should work for me! 

My journey down self-care started with weed. But at the tender age of 32 - weed became medicine and how I could function day-to-day.

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It was my shame, my guilt, my fears, and judgments of what I thought others had for me using weed that led me to go so far outside of my comfort zone to create MariJane Simplicity to help others.

It's my quest to learn what all I can about cannabis that led me to realize I do believe in education - just not our current system. And I believe that cannabis education is just as equally as important as anything else a person chooses to learn.

I learned that in order for me to live authentically weed is a part of that.

Cannabis is a versatile plant. It can feed us, medicate us, clothe us, provide shelter and help our environment.

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It was actually through my personal journey of learning about cannabis that I learned just how much hemp can help our world. I have experimented with hempcrete, beeswax candles with hemp wicks, using hemp wick with my bong, and that you can build a house out of hemcrete! A new dream for me! 

I have had my own ups and downs with weed. But overall I feel cannabis has had a positive effect on my life.


It was through my lows that I would research trying to understand the tricky cannabis plant that I realized how lacking cannabis education is for the user. I found more programs for cannabis coaching which is how I ended up becoming a certified Cannabis Coach.


I believe in the cannabis plant and I believe it should be more accessible for people. Someone who knows nothing or is trying to figure out how weed works - has a lot of information to piece together from the internet. 

I believe the information I had access to everyone should - but not everyone has a few thousand dollars, nor do they want to be a coach. Nor do they need to know every little thing I learned. 


So I came up with 7 Elements of Cannabis - the foundation of cannabis - designed to help you get comfortable with weed while giving you a solid foundation to start your cannabis journey on the right foot.

Check out the 7 Elements of Cannabis Blog series here.

Becoming an education & lifestyle cannabis guide wasn't the only thing I did...

I had to learn marketing. And not just any marketing. 

Cannabis marketing. Everything in the cannabis world is always a little harder, a little more messed, and well it was through my marketing journey that I discovered my values of Meaningful work. Simplicity. Communication. Accountability. Equity.

To learn marketing I freelanced as a Remote Virtual Assistant with limited marketing experience and stumbled across two wonderful people who helped turn my marketing light bulb on and connected the dots of the marketing courses I had taken and continue to use in my strategy today. Today I'm a Digital Marketer.

Marketing is a powerful tool when leveraged with the right data, creativity, and organization. I strive to not only create an exceptional copy but to study, measure, and continuously improve upon it. Exceptional strategies are rooted in imagination and are vouched for by compelling data.


I’m a quick learner, adaptable and I don’t give up until I produce high-quality results. I’m always up for a challenge and willing to expand my portfolio. Some acquired skills include graphic design, ghostwriting, SEO, iPhone photography, and limited social media like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. You can help me add to the list. 


You can expect when working with me to see consistently improving results. 

Contact me to schedule a consult and see how I can help your business.

Check out my portfolio here.

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MariJane Simplicity. Cannabis Education and Lifestyle.

Where cannabis education and lifestyle meet.

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