The 6 Elements of Cannabis

Using cannabis isn't just about lighting up. At least not anymore.  

Cannabis can help with so much but unless you understand what you are looking for, you may not always get what you want. 

I created The 6 Elements of Weed to help new or experienced women understand how weed really works. 

Putting it together

I provide you with the 6 things you need to know to be able to shop at any dispensary and share cannabis education with friends, family, and maybe even your budtender! 

The 6 Elements of Weed is a roadmap that is meant to be used with my FREE printable (when you sign up  and Leafly's Cannabis Guide.

You can reverse lookup any favorite strain on Leafly's Cannabis Guide and use the FREE printables to document the information.

Check out Leafly's Cannabis Guide to search by cannabinoids, terpenes, feelings, or effects. 

Search your local dispensaries for strains before going and doing the homework to get what you need. 

Element 1: The History

Proper education

around cannabis

empowers you

to talk about the

medicine of

your choice

Experienced user yet you still feel clueless?

What we don't know about cannabis has hurt our society.

Element 2: Endocannabinoid System

Element 3: Cannabinoids 


Element 4: Terpens

Element 5: Dosing & Ratios

Element 6: Ways to Consume



Learn the five most common methods to consume cannabis.


Cannabis that is heated to a certain temperature. Considered "safer". No smoke is safe. 


Patches applied to the skin and the cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin.  


Using a joint, blunt, bong or other glasses pieces. Generally not recommended for health concerns. Is the go-to method for quick relief.


Cannabis made into edibles such as cookies, gummies, brownies, tinctures, or drinks


Salves or lotions used for muscles aches or arthritis. 

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I'm not a doctor, scientist, or lawyer. All information posted is my personal experience and thoughts. All the stories I share are personal experiences. Any and all information provided is not medical or legal advice. Anything you decide to do is at your own risk. You should always follow your local state and city laws. I do not promote or suggest that people should use cannabis in an illegal state. If you live in a state where it's illegal, I highly recommend you join the movement to legalize it! 

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