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  • Michelle

If You Use Weed and Don't Know About Creating Your Own Entourage Effect You Are Missing Out

The weed entourage effect is not completely scientifically proven but I believe in it and I'm here to show you how can you can try it at home too.

I have been hesitant to write this article. Why? It's a theory that is still to be proven and "creating my own entourage effect" is something only I have tried myself.

But I believe it's worth sharing and for you to try. Cannabis is the safest and most harmless drug to experiment with. I believe in these 4 rules when it comes to experimenting with weed.

  1. Know yourself and trust your intuition

  2. Start small and slow. It's amazing what 1 hit can do if you are able to maintain such a low tolerance

  3. Lay low, don't try to go about a day when creating your own Entourage Effect.

  4. We all have our endocannabinoid system, what works for me may not work for you

The Entourage Effect is the mixing of two things to create a different effect. To put it simply. Adding CBD to your THC is creating an entourage effect. Diffusing essential oils while using weed may even alter the effects you feel from THC, or possibly CBD. Thus creating an entourage effect.

Tip #1 - THC and CBD are meant to be mixed

I love mixing my THC flower with CBD flower. It counteracts the high and if I mix the terpenes right I can be hyperfocused and get a lot of work done. This usually works with a balance of 1:1 or a higher ratio of CBD to THC. And for me, I'm always diffusing a focus oil mix to help me stay on track.

Tip #2 - How you consume weed alter the effects

Smoking, vaping, and taking edibles all affect me differently. CBD is known to not have a huge response in most people, and most people don't know that you need to take it up to 6 weeks to notice any type of effects. I also recommend trying different consumption methods of THC and CBD among the many other cannabinoids users now have access to. Your body's receptors respond to each cannabinoid differently. Your consumption method can change the effects of weed. Remember creating the entourage effects is mixing 2 different things to create a different effect.

"Eleveate Your Experience" – unknown

Tip #3 - Learn about terpenes

The cannabis plant produces its own terpenes and generally, there are 3 prominent terpenes and the rest are not enough to make a they say. Get to know the terpenes, what they do, and most importantly how they affect you. Check out this article to get to know your terpenes.

Tip #4 - Learn about the cannabinoids

The cannabis plant also produces cannabinoids, like terpenes, there is more than one. Cannabis plants can be grown in ways that cannabinoids can be grown to be higher in THC or CBD. How that is done exactly is beyond me. Cannabinoids can also make a difference in your high because of how they interact with our body's receptors. Check out this article to get to know your cannabinoids.

Tip #5 - Bring on the essential Oils

I remember when I was taking a class about cannabis and learned about terpenes and the relation to essential oils. I was blown away. Did you know that by diffusing essential oils you may be able to offset some of the reactions of THC? I don't know if it works for everyone, but for me, it can be just the added touch I need to make my high a success.

Tip #6 - Don't try new mixes on a busy day

Never try your new mixes on a busy day! No matter how confident you are about how weed affects you when you start mixing and matching throw what you think you know out the window! I have mixed strains that I thought for sure I could function on but my brain was not functioning, I was a stony high and for me, that is not enjoyable.


I personally use all of these tips but as always trust yourself and only do things that you are comfortable with. Cannabis is one of the safest drugs to experiment with. Trust yourself, start low, pace yourself, and remember our EC systems are unique to us, we never know how we will react till we try it. Interested in learning more about how to make weed work for you? Click here and subscribe to the MariJane Community.


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