7 ways you can start living your cannabis-friendly lifestyle

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

What do I mean when I say "live your cannabis-friendly lifestyle"?

However, you live your life and how cannabis is consumed or not consumed in your life.

Perhaps you are a cannabis supporter but don't part-take.

Or you use it in the evening or the morning, or all day.

Maybe you consume only CBD or THC or both.

It's your way. It's how you live your life without judgment for yourself or others.

Creating a peaceful cannabis-friendly lifestyle

I believe that creating a cannabis-friendly lifestyle involves a life of kindness, understanding, love, responsibility, accountability, and spirituality. A life with no judgment, respect, and kindness.

As a stoner, I believe we are responsible for showing that we are not what stoners use to be. Most of us are parents, employees, business owners, sisters, brothers, wives or husbands. We have lives and responsibilities to lead. We have chosen a plant as our medicine or for how we want to spend our pass time. We have a right to that decision.

We have allowed alcohol and tobacco which have minimal if any good benefits. Cannabis has proven benefits, naturally works with our body and can help our environment if we can stop spreading the stigmas of cannabis.

When I started using cannabis I made a deal with myself that it could never interfere with my life, my routines, how I care for myself. And for the most part it hasn't - I am human and do not lead a perfect life.

But when I started to think about this cannabis blog and how I wanted to show the world my stoner ways, it all boiled down to 6 principals that I live by.

1) Kindness towards one another

The world could use some more kindness, cannabis user or not. I love the cannabis community because it's generally filled with really kind and sweet people. Joining the cannabis community has been exciting and is showing me that it's okay to put my guard down again. It's okay to show kindness to others and to be vulnerable again. None of this comes easy but it's something that I believe in and something that the world needs more of. We do not all have to be exactly the same way to show kindness. I'm scared to be vulnerable with the world but I'm on a mission to share the cannabis-friendly lifestyle.

2) Understanding even when we don't

I believe this can be the hardest because there are times we just don't understand. And as humans we can't accept something we do not understand.

But this is where I believe in agreeing to disagree.

It's powerful in itself. It tells the other person - I don't understand at all, but you have a right to your opinions, as do I.

At the end of the day, we are never in someone else's shoes. Only our own. We should believe that we are all doing the best we can at that moment even if it's our lowest moment.

It's in those times that we come back, bigger and stronger. In our own way, our own time. And we can all understand that, can't we? Nobody likes to pushed or forced to do something they are not ready for. So, you don't have to understand the situation, just understand that person is doing the best they can at the moment. We are able to respect the person, they are only human and we are all on our own paths trying to figure out life the best way we know-how.

3) Sharing the Love

I believe we are capable of receiving love but not everyone is capable of giving love. Our journeys have a way of taking that away or enhancing it for others.

My journey was interesting, I began with love, lost it along the way and found it again. My journey made me cold for awhile, shut off to the world, and the anger I carried eventually consumed me. But through time, meeting my boyfriend, figuring out what being a mom meant to me, I found my way. It was through people continuing to love me, when I couldn't love myself.

Love starts from within but sometimes you need a little help to find that love again. But once you get it back, all you want to do is share the love.

4) Being a stoner comes with responsibility

To be a cannabis user comes with great responsibility. To be a cannabis supporter comes with great responsibility. As long as marijuana/cannabis is a Schedule I drug on the federal level, we all have the responsibility to respect and adhere to local and state laws.

We have a responsibility, to be honest with the good and bad effects of marijuana.

We have a responsibility to teach others that there is a lot more that we don't know then we know.

I love cannabis and so far research has proven that cannabis is a relatively safe drug. But we don't know all the facts. New facts come out all the time. We should be aware of them.

I believe it's our responsibility to educate ourselves and those around us. You never know when you could covert someone!

5) Stoner Accountability

Being a responsible stoner means to be accountable for your actions and responsibilities. Life comes first. The people who depend on you, the life you created for yourself and/or family.

You need to show up and be present. If cannabis is taking over your life you should reconsider if you should be using the drug. If cannabis blends into your life and you are accountable for your decisions, and you live your life, keep on smoking.

6) Spirituality - yes I think we need it

Life can be lonely and unforgiving at times. I find believing there is something bigger than us gives bigger meaning to our life on our earth. I find solace in my faith.

I believe having a spiritual connection with a higher power is powerful. The beauty of a spiritual connection is that it can look like anything.

It's something that you develop personally in your own way that may or may not include cannabis. My spiritual journey has changed to include cannabis. It's a path I'm not sure about and brings a lot of confusion. All I have is a belief that I'm on the right track with a lot of stuff to figure out.


Living a cannabis-friendly lifestyle should be living a life of kindness, understanding, love, responsibility, accountability and spirituality. A life with no judgement, respect and kindness for others. Stoners these days are not the people depicted in movies.

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, email me at marijanesimplicity@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @marijane_simplicity where I post about living a cannabis-friendly lifestyle.

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