Don’t use cannabis blindly, check out these seven tips to have an amazing experience

When I started using cannabis in 2016 I only knew about THC, which meant I was only getting high. Now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it did become too much for me.

When my family and I moved to Colorado in 2017, I was so excited because I knew it would be an opportunity for me to learn about cannabis, and boy was I right.

My journey with cannabis has been anything but perfect - it has been up and down! But it's through my missteps that I came up with these seven things to consider before adding cannabis in your life.

And finally, in 2020, I’m excited to share the lessons I learned, hoping it will help you find your way of living the cannabis-friendly lifestyle.

Less is more

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Cannabis is a powerful plant medicine that naturally works with our endocannabinoid system. (learn more here) As someone who has an addictive personality, in the beginning, I went overboard! I worked hard to get my tolerance up. Lol.

But with the amount I consumed, sometimes the pain and anxiety would get worse, not better. And so I used more thinking I needed more.

I’m thankful to have learned about micro-dosing and that the less you use, often the better you will feel.

While this isn’t always true for everyone, it’s still best to start with a small dosage and wait to see how you feel.

Figuring out your dosage takes time

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I have to admit dosing is not exactly my thing. Math is my weakness, but in the marijuana industry - math is everywhere. So I’m slowly re-learning math, and it’s not that bad when you are talking about cannabis! Lol.

It’s best to start with a small dosage for a few days, see how you feel, and document in a journal the pain level, amount, and effects. (check out Goldleaf who has journals specific for this).

Everyone has a different experience when using cannabis, so don't compare.

The best way to figure out how cannabis is working for you is to document and always start with the smallest dose and wait.

Talk to your doctor

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Now, this might be hard if you are in a prohibition state, but depending on how your relationship is with your doctor, this could be an excellent place to start.

I have never told a doctor that I used cannabis until I moved to Colorado.

My doctor is not able to help me find products or help me with dosing, but her being aware of how I care for myself, helps her take care of me when cannabis doesn’t do the trick.

Find a Cannabis coach

If talking to your doctor is out of the question, consider finding a cannabis coach. With cannabis becoming legal on the state level, cannabis coaching is a new occupation.

Cannabis coaches can help you add cannabis to your life by helping you with dosing, products, strains, and overall information about the cannabis plant.

I have never seen one, but I am very interested in becoming one and seeing one!

Do your homework

This is so important, and I wish I had done this in the beginning. Cannabis is a complicated plant, and the U.S is way behind on research. Israel is the leading researcher for cannabis.

Cannabis is not created equally; what works for one person may not work for the other.

Cannabis is like hundreds of medicines in one plant.

It’s all dependant on how you use and how much you use and how it will interact with your body, which can be different from person to person.

Determine how you want to feel - energized or relaxed, what is hurting?

Research terpenes and cannabinoids to find the right strain and product for you.

CBD is a great friend to THC

It is possible to use cannabis and not be high. The cannabinoid CBD is excellent for that.

I started adding CBD to my regiment shortly after I moved to Colorado, and it’s been a god-send in my life.

I love being able to use the medicine of my choice and not get high.

It was life-changing and helped me re-gain control after only using THC. I rarely use just THC these days; I love the combo of THC and CBD. It does wonders for me personally.

Be patient and take your time

Using cannabis takes time. It’s not like a prescription pill from the doctors. It takes research, structure, and dedication to make cannabis work the way you want it to for your life.

What works for me probably won’t for you. No two people are the same, so be patient, and once again, always start small!

Using cannabis as a wellness tool is a decision to be taken seriously as if you were taking a prescription drug.

Cannabis can enhance your life, help you feel elevated, but it’s also easy to go overboard and get couch-locked.

Be smart, do your homework, take your time, and ease into cannabis. Cannabis can be life-changing when used correctly.

I would love to hear from you! How do you use cannabis? Did it take a while to get your dosing, right? Let me know in the comments or leave me an email. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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