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Business owner, dog owner - they are more alike than you think

Weed education-based business and dogs - what could they have in common?

Time Energy & Money

  1. Both require commitment, sometimes re-commitment.

  2. Both require a certain amount of discipline yet flexibility.

  3. Both require dedication yet require breaks to be successful.

  4. Both require time that you don't get back.

  5. Both require love and not just any kind of love.

  6. Both mean making mistakes

  7. Both require you to grow and be able to move forward from those mistakes.

My dream

It's my dream to have a cannabis education & lifestyle business and four dogs, all bully dogs. I love bully dogs, maybe because we had a Doberman as our family dog, but really because I identify with them.

People are more scared of their reputation than their actual behavior, which is usually teddy bear-like once you get past their intense stare.

Starting a business in the cannabis industry is not easy; lots of capital is needed, social media platforms can block you, email platforms can suspend you, you can't use paid ads, and the list goes on. Much like bully breeds, cannabis has an undeserved reputation.

We have a 16-month-old male boxer, Max. He is an intense friendly guy. His approach to the world is that you will be my friend, not want to be friends? He is also the apple of our eyes, and we plan to get him a sister.

How it's starting to come together...maybe

So much has changed since I last wrote. I got married, got certified as an email marketer, I'm working with my 3rd email client and I continue to struggle with the cannabis education and lifestyle aspect of my business. No one wanted to have calls to talk about their weed questions.

I still share all things weed, but I have to learn marketing if I'm ever going to get my weed education & lifestyle business off the ground. (my shyness and fear of judgment are real, and I'm determined to conquer them because I'm the only one living my life.)

I realized I go in many directions, and I struggle to stay true to myself. But after all my twists and turns in my business, I kept coming back to - I'm a writer; I love being creative, having a flexible lifestyle, and sharing what I know about weed with glimpses into my stoner life.

If my entrepreneurship journey has taught me anything - being prepared is not always possible. Although all I want to do is help people understand weed and show a different side of the plant - the calling for marketing and creative work is intense, and a path I feel is right for me to go down. Not the turn I thought I would take but here I am and I love it as much as I love sharing what I know about weed and my dog... soon-to-be dogs.

Like being a business owner, I have been on a whole other journey as a boxer dog mom. We raw feed (never even knew that was a thing!), he has a bit of a jealous side (if he doesn't know the dog), and he loves to be alpha but will go submissive with certain dogs. 🤷 He is full of personality and we are excited to bring him a sister.

We have no idea what we are doing. Neither of us has ever had 2 dogs. But how important is that? We all have to start somewhere, so after much research, just like in my business, we decided to do 3 things:

Get a second crate, a second water bowl, and a food bowl. We feel by having those items around he will start to get an idea. Which I think he is, when we say sister - he tilts his head. 🥰

Bringing home a second dog will be a challenge initially, but like starting a business - everything is a little rocky. And my business has been nothing but rocky!

Preparation is essential but being flexible and always willing to learn is the secret to being a successful entrepreneur and dog owner.

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First time here?

I love helping people understand how weed works. If this is your first time here, check my blog series - 7 Elements of Cannabis, cannabis 101. Get to know more about me by checking out the Introverted Weed Lover.

Have questions - send me an email. I would love to get to know you, so even if you don't have a question - don't be shy and introduce yourself. I promise I don't bite. 🐶

love and weed


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