Getting Past Your Fear of Talking about Cannabis

Did you know that 45% of cannabis users don’t tell anyone that they use?

Actually, I have no idea if that number is accurate. I tried to get data, but it doesn’t exist.

What I do know is that they are out there, because I was one.

I have spent 30 years on this earth as a people-pleaser. In my mind, it has always been more important for the people around me to be happy than me. It sounds ridiculous now that I have written that down!

But what’s even sadder about that statement is that my people-pleasing ways only caused me to be a horrible person. Why?

Because I was always waiting for my turn to live my life. It was like I needed permission from everyone around me to live the life I wanted.

To be honest, I still suffer from the guilt of actually pursuing my dreams waaaaay sooner than I thought I would be able to.

I had a plan, one that I thought was working out until I was laid off from my second job.

The second lay-off was a sign that I did not fully grasp for another two years……..I’m meant to be in the cannabis industry.

I’m a cannabis-loving, pot-smoking mom, girlfriend, daughter, friend, and sister who loves to write and help others get organized at home or business.

The fears I had about using cannabis were not unfounded. It’s still illegal, companies drug test (which is bullsh%t), your kids can be taken from you, and depending on where you live, you could be arrested.

I was scared to admit I was a cannabis user even after I moved to Colorado! Lol

I wish I could say there was a specific moment that I said - enough is enough - I’m tired of hiding this huge thing about me but it was several events over two years’ that led me to finally start my blog and own my cannabis-loving ways.

I have also always been a person to let other people’s opinions (even strangers on the street) impact almost every decision I have ever made. It’s crazy stupid, and it’s only been over the past year that I stopped giving a f%&k.

I know personally, it’s not easy to admit or tell people about your choice of medicine. And I should also say that I don’t think silent users need to shout off the rooftop “I use cannabis,” but

I do believe silent users need to find their community, people who understand, and people who respect their choice.

Being a silent user shouldn’t condemn you to a life of loneliness. So, here are the four steps I have taken in my life to get more comfortable and talk about how cannabis helps me live life to the fullest.

Talk about cannabis

Now you may say "that is the problem, I can’t talk about it". But I would bet that there is one person in your life that already knows you use cannabis.

I would also bet that you probably don’t say much to them about it. I found that it was easier to talk to the one person that knew I used. It was nice to have that one person who I could share everything I was learning.

I found over time that only sharing things with one person led to a feeling of emptiness in me.

It was like I knew I was supposed to tell more people about the powers of cannabis, but I couldn’t - fear always won.

Expand who you talk to, starting with people you trust

It may feel like I’m trying to get you in trouble or something. But I promise I’m not!

It’s surprising how many people are curious and want to understand how cannabis may help. I expanded my circle by talking to my sister, my mom, and a couple of very close friends.

It wasn’t easy. But I trusted them; most of them had used cannabis at one point but didn’t anymore. Most of them also used on a recreational level - not that I don’t use for recreational purposes (who wants that awful hangover), but my main uses for cannabis were for wellness reasons like chronic pain, IBS, depression, and anxiety.

It was amazing how easy it was to tell them how cannabis was helping and how marijuana was turning my life around.

Not all of them get it, but they are happy for me because I’m doing and feeling so much better.

Talk to one most opposed person - a friend or family member

Sounds incredibly scary, huh?

But this is important because if you can talk to someone who is opposed to cannabis and you can present compelling facts and personal truth, it makes you a little stronger.

It doesn’t mean you will convert them to be a cannabis believer, but it helps you form articulate thoughts and reasonings to share. The hardest person for me to tell about my cannabis use was my grandmother. She is an incredibly amazing woman, tough, smart, and very religious (Catholic).

I will admit that it took me two years to tell her. I didn’t start having a conversation with her until 2019 - yes, just last year. I know she doesn’t fully understand, but she respects me, my choices, and how I live.

At the end of the day, I know she is not thrilled, but she sees me happy, and she sees how good my life is.

And really, you don’t need anyone to approve of how you choose to care for your body, they need to respect your choices.

Talk to a stranger

Okay, so now you are probably thinking I’m trying to ruin your life or something. But again, I promise I’m not here to harm you.

This step took me three years to accomplish, and it can be the hardest thing to do.

I talked to my first stranger about the pros of cannabis this year. Yep, you read that.

And if you have never openly talked with a stranger about cannabis - I can only say it was freeing.

We both talked openly, she asked questions, made statements as to what she didn’t like about cannabis, and I explained to her there are ways to use cannabis without the high.

She was receptive to what I was telling her; it was a surreal conversation, one that left me feeling so excited I went out to my car, grabbed my business card and told her to visit my site.

I think the two most important things to remember are 1) not everyone will appreciate what you have to say and 2) be patient with yourself. Start talking when you are ready.

The stigma of cannabis and cannabis users is still alive and will never go away unless we all take one action - talk about cannabis.

Share how cannabis has improved your life, how you use, how it makes you feel, how cannabis has been around for thousands of years, and how the cannabis plant doesn’t have to get you high if you don’t want it too.

It’s scary to put yourself out there to promote something that is still illegal on the federal level.

Then you add all the confusion with each state having different laws.

But please don’t let the crazy laws stop you from being who you are and taking care of your body - your way. Cannabis, when used correctly, is powerful medicine!

I would love to hear from you! Have you ever struggled with telling people you use cannabis? Have you never cared and always been open? Let me know by leaving a comment below, send me an email, follow me on Instagram or my Facebook Page.

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