Is the Smoke Buddy part of your cannabis stash?

I know you all remember back in the day when you needed to "cover-up" that stanky smell from your parents, family, or whoever else was not cool.

The classic DIY "Spoofer," i.e., toiler paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets, was the goto. But now that I'm an adult and a parent, I choose to be discreet with my use.

The Smoke Buddy is now an essential part of my stash box.

The Smoke Buddy comes in a few sizes from Smoke Buddy Junior, Smoke Buddy Original (my preference), and the Smoke Buddy Mega. The Mega is the same size as the junior but has a filter twice as large as the Original.

The Original fits in my hand perfectly. I have smaller hands and issues with gripping things, which causes a lot of pain. The Original doesn't bother my hand at all. It's durable, has an excellent grip, is easy to use and stores easily in small spaces.

The device has 2 pieces, it has lids for the holes that are kept together by a cord. The concept is nice, but I find the caps a bit annoying, so I throw them out. The other thing you may notice is that the Smoke Buddy may maintain moisture near the filter holes if the caps stay on when not in use. This is bound to happen because of exhaling air in the mouthpiece. The downside of not using the caps is that there can be a little odor, but I'm smell impaired and don't notice it all.

Smoke Buddy's come in fun colors like pink, teal, dark blue, and lime green, to name a few. I order a different color each time. Which is great for the wallet, but I only get three colors a year! Lime green will get us through the New Year, which will be here faster than you think!

I love the simplicity of the Smoke Buddy. All you do is exhale your air through the hole, and odorless air comes out the other side. If you look in the opening, you will see the filter, and it becomes moist/sticky over time from the residue of the smoke. This is where you may see some moisture.

The Original Smoke Buddy for 2 daily users, light to moderate smokers, should last an average of four months. And hopefully, this is obvious, but using the Smoke Buddy works best for bongs, vape, and one-hitters. The Smoke Buddy would not work for joint/blunts where the smoke is always burning.

It's easy to tell when the end of life is coming - it becomes harder to blow smoke in the Smoke Buddy. You can extend the shelf life for a couple of weeks by microwaving and shaking the device. It should last until you get your next one from Amazon.

All in all, I love the Smoke Buddy. It's been a great addition to my stash, has helped keep my home smoke and odor-free and allows me to be discreet.

Do you have a need to be discreet while smoking? Or are you a silent user? I was for awhile! Let me know in the comment or email me at Follow me on Instagram @marijane_simplicity where I share stories about living a cannabis-friendly lifestyle or follow my Facebook page.

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