The Mold Recall in Colorado - are you changing how and where you buy cannabis from?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Did you hear about the Colorado mold and yeast outbreak? Kinda scary, right?

If you haven't heard, Bonsai Cultivation voluntarily recalled retail marijuana products due to elevated yeast and mold counts.

The recall affected eleven manufacturing facilities, three cultivation facilities, and 144 retail stores throughout Colorado. Check out the reports from Denver Post, 9News, and Westword.

I've decided for my health I will be sourcing dispensaries that grow and sell their products. I have been trying to have a natural product household as much as possible, and I love the idea of farm-to-table marijuana.

I will be starting from a list that was recently posted by Westword about dispensaries that grow and sell their marijuana. I have been to one of the shops lately, and now it makes sense their level of security! I had no idea they were growing too.

Below is the list of places that are in the Westword article. It's not a full list from Westword because some locations were just too far - remember I'm suburban women. Check out the full list here.

I also included information about reward/loyalty programs or daily deals. Those make a difference for me; it's helpful to the overall budget, and honestly, who doesn't love a deal or sale?!

So here is my shortened version of the local dispensaries that grow and sell and I will be checking out over the next couple of months.

Verde Natural

*302 Pearl Street


No rewards/loyalty information listed on the website.

The Health Center

537 Canyon Blvd


This place has daily deals. I can't wait to check this place out!


5301 Vasquez Boulevard, Commerce City


No rewards/loyalty information listed on the website.

Fox Cannabis

4773 Fox Street


No rewards/loyalty information listed on the website.

Denver Recreational

2117 Larimer St

This place has some pretty good deals but not as good at the other.

My first dispensary visit will be the weekend of November 15th, still, have not decided which place to go to first but be on the lookout for a new article about my dispensary's visits. I hope to find a new place soon!

Tell me, have you ever been to any of these dispensaries? Do you know any Boulder/Louisville that are grow and sell?

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, email me at or follow me on Instagram @marijane_simplicity where I post about living a cannabis-friendly lifestyle.

Images are screenshot's from the dispensaries website.

Cover image - purchased from shutterstock

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