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Three things to change your exercise and cannabis routine this winter

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

What does your exercise regimen look like in the winter? Does the cold weather easily sidetrack you? How do you use cannabis in your exercise regimen?

Winter months can easily have me sidetracked! I don’t like being cold, too hot and I don’t like sweating. Hahaha! But seriously. :-) I believe it’s important to keep exercise fun. Because let’s face it - exercising is hard, most times you don’t want to, and it can get boring!

Cannabis has always been a fun addition for some workouts, but even that needs a change at times. As someone who doesn't do tolerance breaks, I readjust how and when I consume.

Find new workouts

I started exercising in 2016 at a gym with a personal trainer. I loved it! I loved going; I loved learning the latest equipment and how to build an exercise regiment. But over time, that became boring. Since 2016 I have tried several different exercises, including kickboxing, but now I’m back in the gym and getting ready to try classes!

This is entirely out of my comfort zone, as someone who doesn’t like being around other people; exercise classes are one of my biggest fears. I enjoy working out, so I see it as a good thing to face this fear.

The one exercise routine that stays consistent, and I love to use marijuana with is walking. I love walking high, even on a treadmill. ;-)

Change when and how you consume

Cannabis can be a great way to help you start working out or a great way to end your workout. Not long ago, I attempted an at-home exercise video while high. Let me preface and say I can barely stand when I’m sober. Lol. So I’m sure you can imagine this activity didn’t work well for me high! I didn’t finish the workout. :-(

I love to wake and bake, but in trying to reset my tolerance and change how and when I consume cannabis, I’m giving up my wake and bake in the morning. My first use of my medicine is now around 9ish each morning. Which I’m loving! I’m even changing what I use to consume my morning cannabis - instead of my trusty bong, I use my Pax II pen with a 50/50 blend of CBD and THC strain. A nice feeling without the high.

Forget motivation - think discipline

I found this quote, “I like to think of discipline as “what to do” and motivation as “why to do.”

Motivation is not what keeps me waking up before 6 am five days a week. It was a bigger goal of wanting to feel better and then taking the time to build a habit. And that takes discipline. Motivation and discipline go hand-in-hand, but a person needs the discipline to keep going. Especially in the winter months!

When I’m lying in bed thinking about how I don’t want to leave my warm, cozy and comfy bed, I’m not thinking of my motivation goals - I think about how much work I have put in to be someone who goes to the gym five times a week. I think about the work and the self-discipline to keep going even when it’s freezing. And that's why I get out of bed each morning at 5:30 am.

These are the three things that keep my exercise routine going and my cannabis tolerance in check. It’s already been a long winter for Colorado; it’s been snowing since October! I have been close to giving up on working out this winter, but these small changes are keeping me going till spring.

Tell me, what changes are you making to your winter exercise routine? Do you change how and when you smoke? Do you have a regular exercise you like to do high?

I want to hear from you!

Send me an email with your questions, comments, or stories at Dear MariJane.

Or leave a comment below.

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