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What Is Hemp Used For? 7 Different Ways To Use Hemp

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I learned to love cannabis because I love getting high. It was a way to reach a different, authentic, raw yet spiritual, and creative side of myself that I cannot always reach on my own.

It was through my turmoils with weed that I educated myself and began to empower myself for choosing to use a plant for most of my ailments and my family’s ailments.

Cannabis, hemp is part of the Cannabaceae plant family. The difference between cannabis and hemp is a legal difference - the difference is based on how much THC is in the plant. Hemp has less than 0.3%, cannabis can have whatever amount.

Hemp-based CBD can be bought almost anywhere and online, is federally legal, but some states may have laws about it at the state level. Weed, Cannabis is sold at state-licensed facilities, is not legal federally but each state has its own laws.

Hemp is grown differently and has many other different uses. It’s way more versatile than weed and could save our planet if we stopped placing laws around a plant.

Finding hemp-based CBD was a game-changer for me and it was what changed everything about weed use and the most important thing for me - is how it is slowly changing my lifestyle and has given me this newfound purpose in life.

MariJane Simplicity is all about helping people get comfortable with weed to empower you to use a plant you love in many different ways than getting high.

I would like to share with you seven different ways hemp can be used and maybe you can find small ways to change your lifestyle and help undo the years of abuse our planet earth has taken.

Hemp is an amazing plant for our earth. You may be asking what hemp is used for? Who made hemp illegal?

These are great questions, cannabis became illegal in 1937 after the Marijuana Tax Law. It was a trick law because technically it did not outlaw hemp, it just made it financially impossible to farm because of fees and fines if those fees weren’t paid.

The paperwork to farm hemp also made it impossible. The law only outlawed the recreational side. But the law was written in a way that made it impossible to do anything including research the amazing plant.

So, what is hemp used for today? Let’s jump in and see 7 very cool ways to use hemp in your everyday life. This list is by no way fully inclusive, there are many different ways to use this amazing plant.

Hemp Seed Oil

Picture by Alyson

I suffer from extremely dry skin, nearly eczema at this point. My hands and elbows are the worst. I’m starting to develop it on my knees and other random patches will show up from time to time. I have tried a lot of creams and lotions - I stick with nearly natural products except for Gold Bond. Each morning after I shower, but before I dry myself I rub myself down with hemp seed oil. It has done wonders for my skin. My next DIY product is to make my own hemp seed oil instead of buying it with additives.

CBD hemp use with THC and essential oil

Photo by Wix

The turning point with my weed use was adding hemp-based CBD into my daily regime. CBD counteracts the high of THC depending on your ratio of CBD to THC. The more CBD the less of the high you will feel from THC. Mixing the two takes time and patience to find what works for you. To enhance your experience with cannabis diffuse essential oils and see how that can also alter your experience.

Hemp Wick Candles

Photo by Michelle

There are so many types of wicks that candle makers use. Cotton and wood are the most common. But do you know about hemp wicks? I stumbled across hemp wick originally because I try to use it to light my bong instead of a lighter. It was through Hemp Wick that I learned to use hemp wick for candles instead of the other wicks. Hemp wicks don’t burn as hot, doesn’t release toxic chemicals and if you use hemp wick to light your bong you will be inhaling fewer toxins but smoking is still not great for you.

Plant Hemp Seeds for CO2 Absorption

Photo by Unsplash

It’s nearly common knowledge that trees help absorb CO2 but we seem to cut them down faster than we plant them. Did you know that hemp is more effective than trees? It can absorb 8 to 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare of cultivation. Now, I don’t personally understand the math or even the science behind it but I’m hoping to plant some hemp cannabis in my backyard to help do my part in my corner of the world. I love the way the plants look and the plants can grow to be quite tall and their roots can do wonders for your soil.

Building materials

Using hemp as a building material is one way for us to achieve zero carbon emissions. There are companies in the US and across the world that will build homes using hemp material. It’s a dream, or goal to one day have a hemp house, with maybe some shipping containers. Having a hemp house means that your house is helping trap carbon emissions. Hemp can replace many building materials and is even fire-resistant.

Hemp seeds

Photo by Wix

Hemp seeds are great for protein and fiber in your diet. For every 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds, there are 9 grams of protein. Hemp seeds contain good polyunsaturated fat, can help protect the brain, helps with inflammation, and can help with dry skin. Add hemp seeds to your smoothies, salads, ground them up, and add to your baking or try it in bread. The possibilities are endless.


I love paper in a way that use to not be healthy. I collected it but never did anything with it. But today, I would like to think I have it a bit more under control. I have not personally bought hemp paper…yet. But I still love to write, and print things, and take notes, and doodle and color and use a planner. So a personal goal is to find a distributor that I can buy from and maybe do wholesale in my store. I think we all use paper and using hemp is a small way to make difference. A lot of places will reuse recycle items - what if our trash was more hemp than anything else?


As you can see hemp is an amazing plant with almost endless possibilities. Hemp was caught up in the messy Marijana Tax Law of 1937. I understand THC has some restrictions, like alcohol but to compare weed to heroin, opiates, cocaine - we aren’t even in the same book, let alone the same chapter.

Hemp is the most beautiful part of the cannabis plant. It has so much potential to do so much for us. How do you plan to start using hemp in your life?

Let me know in the comments, send me an email, or better yet - Join the Wix Community and share with others just like you. Or Find me on Pinterest.


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