What's my stance on cannabis?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Let's start by saying, I love cannabis. In a - you fall in love with the love of your life, (which I truly have). The romantic The Notebook kinda love. That's how much I love cannabis.

Cannabis is not the perfect and cureall medicine. But it's sure as hell as close as any other medicine on this earth.

I believe marijuana to be a robust plant that we are only beginning to understand. I made a list of my views on cannabis - you may notice over time that I love lists.

  1. Cannabis is the most fabulous plant God ever created

  2. It's a robust plant that has so much potential

  3. It must be legalized (federal and all states) for further research and understanding

  4. Cannabis needs to be covered by insurance

  5. Medical funds like HSA and FSA should cover cannabis

  6. I believe everyone should wait till their 21 to use, to ensure proper brain growth

  7. I think people should smoke recreationally instead of consuming alcohol or doing other drugs

  8. People need to be responsible users

  9. The government needs to have regulations; like alcohol and tobacco

  10. Companies should not drug test for cannabis

  11. Marijuana is a powerful drug and can be misused (yes - we need to face that some people become addicted)

  12. The way everyone consumes cannabis is different and does not need to be judged

  13. If you are taking care of your responsibilities; who cares if you use cannabis

  14. More research is needed to understand how and whom cannabis can help

  15. We need to continue to work to remove the stigma of cannabis users

  16. Individuals who have been prosecuted for cannabis-related charges should have their record cleared/expunged

These 16 bullets summarize my stance on cannabis. If we can legalize cannabis on the federal level, we can start to remove the stigma of being a cannabis user, conduct more thorough research and finally have accurate information about how and whom cannabis can help.

What are your beliefs about cannabis? Is there any you would add? Or remove? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, email me at marijanesimplicity@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @marijane_simplicity where I post about living a cannabis-friendly lifestyle.

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I'm not a doctor, scientist, or lawyer. All information posted is my personal experience and thoughts. All the stories I share are personal experiences. Any and all information provided is not medical or legal advice. Anything you decide to do is at your own risk. You should always follow your local state and city laws. I do not promote or suggest that people should use cannabis in an illegal state. If you live in a state where it's illegal, I highly recommend you join the movement to legalize it! 

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