Choosing to use Cannabis 

Choosing to use cannabis is a personal choice. If you are lucky to

live in a legal state you have access to information, doctors,

coaches, and marketing events about strains, products, and

consumption methods. I only recommend using cannabis when you

know what you are getting. 

Trying to use cannabis in an illegal state can be a roller coaster because your options are often limited and you don't always know what you are getting. I've been through it and it's not always fun!

It would be impossible for me to tell you what strains and products will

work for mental health issues, chronic pain, or even sleep. I couldn't

even tell you the best way to consume cannabis.


This is why I created MJS.


Because of how our government and society still treat cannabis, using

cannabis becomes a personal experiment on yourself. And thankfully cannabis is safe, no one has died from it. However, I always strongly recommend being honest with your doctors and work with them when possible. Especially if you are taking other medications, even vitamins. Or if you are really uncomfortable reach out to a Cannabis Coach who is trained specifically in the areas of cannabis.  

What I can help you with is simplifying all the information that is out there, so you can make the educated decision if cannabis is right for you and what will work best for you and maybe your family. 

Cannabis is a safe plant when used correctly. Check out The 6 Elements of Weed to get started on your journey.

Although cannabis education is important and continues to be a gap in the cannabis industry, the cannabis lifestyle seems to have its own struggle.

The cannabis-friendly lifestyle is for women who love weed but don't love the cartoons and not into the high-end cannabis luxury lines, because hey, we live in the real world. With real-world incomes. 

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I'm not a doctor, scientist, or lawyer. All information posted is my personal experience and thoughts. All the stories I share are personal experiences. Any and all information provided is not medical or legal advice. Anything you decide to do is at your own risk. You should always follow your local state and city laws. I do not promote or suggest that people should use cannabis in an illegal state. If you live in a state where it's illegal, I highly recommend you join the movement to legalize it! 

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