Cannabis Coaching

What is cannabis coaching? 

A cannabis coach works with individuals on their cannabis use.

Helping them find the right way to consume cannabis, the right strains

or products, and dosing. 

Often times cannabis doctors are able to legally make the recommendation

for cannabis use based on legal guidelines. But they are unable to tell you how to use cannabis and what would be best for you. 

Working with a cannabis coach helps fill that gap between doctors and patients who are looking to use cannabis to help them with their needs. 

What can you expect from a cannabis coach? 

  • Understanding, empathy, non-judgment and encouragement to be open and honest

  • Assistance with setting realistic goals and action items while tapping into your motivation 

  • Support and accountability to use the medicine of your choice

  • Help figuring out the how to's and support integrating cannabis responsibly into your life  

  • Resources and tools to help you achieve your goals 

What a cannabis coach is not? 

  • A medical doctor of any kind that can diagnose or treat any ailments 

  • Counseling and therapy. Coaching is about present day and using what is already within you to achieve your goals 

  • Consulting and education. Although education is a part of coaching - we are an information based society, anyone can google the answers. Coaching is about weaving new information and habits into your current education, beliefs and values.

Working with Michelle 

When beginning a coaching program I believe it's important to ensure compatibility, commitment and motivation is there from both the coach and patient.  

I begin with a 3 month package, 12 sessions (1 a week) and unlimited support. 


  • 1:1 consultation ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. We will do a complete review of medical history, current medications, diet, cannabis experience and questions. We will also identify your health and wellness goals and identify any cannabis concerns.  

  • Onboarding appointment to identify and agree upon goals for the cannabis coaching program 

  • 30 minute scheduled weekly calls with a post summary of goals and personalized recommendations 

  • Unlimited phone, text, email coaching support 

  • Weekly journal review with feedback as needed 

  • Personalized cannabis education and resources 

Cost: Paid in Full: $700 | Payments: $780 /$260 for 3 months

Schedule a consult for $65 to see if you would be a good candidate for coaching.


Cannabis Consulting

What is cannabis consulting? 

It's providing personalized cannabis-related information based on the accuracy of

information be provided. Cannabis consulting is great for patients who have some

knowledge of cannabis but need more clarification or understanding. 

Working with Michelle 

  • 1:1  30 to 60 minute call or video with Michelle to ask your cannabis-related questions 

  • Personalized cannabis education 

  • A review of your health and wellness history 

  • A post summary review of appointment 

Schedule a consult with Michelle for $65 

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