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Cannabis Educator 

I'm here to give you the facts about cannabis to help you make informed decisions on how to make the plant work best for you. I believe that you can make cannabis work for you if you know what you are doing. 

I created the Six Elements of Cannabis to simplify cannabis to empower women to walk into a dispensary and feel confident in what they are asking for and looking for. 

Blogger / Document Specialist  

I have always enjoyed writing but never felt confident to share my work. And now that I'm building my confidence the world is all about videos! For now, I still write.  I share my personal experiences with cannabis, provide educational cannabis content, and all of my latest ventures in my hobby and candle-making world.


Candle Maker  

I love candles! I love making candles. I love having candles around the house. But as I researched how to make candles I learned they aren't that great for us. Reasons vary from the wax, fragrances used, how waxes are made (some are really harmful to the planet) and so I landed on beeswax with hemp wicks. Beeswax is naturally made, has a natural subtle honey-sweet smell, so no fragrance or dye. Using hemp wicks allows me to use a product, cannabis I very much believe in. Cannabis hemp is great for the planet. It's so versatile and helps with our oxygen and could help with our tree problem, it could change our housing industry, our lifestyle - the list goes on. So I do my part in my part of the world and make beeswax candles with hemp wick while trying to figure out how to make the jars more sustainable than glass!

Coming Soon! 

These items are near and dear to my heart and I'm actively working on them but not close to launching. Read more about project and sign up so I know if there is any interest to move these projects to the top! 

Six Elements of Cannabis will change to

Seven Elements of Cannabis

Why?? I'm adding an element about Hemp. Hemp is different from the cannabis we normally consume. Although you can consume hemp too, hemp has much more versatility.  This is an element I'm very excited to get started but has to wait because my plate is already so full! I have not even scheduled this change but please know it's coming!


7 Elements of Cannabis Course 

Are you interested in this course?  Check out the course summary and sign up for the waitlist.

I provide my followers with a free printable of the 6 Elements of Cannabis but I want to give you more. I have outlined a very high-level syllabus about what more you can get if you decide to purchase the course.


Those who join the waitlist (a google form) will be offered a special discount and honestly who knows what else! 

A cannabis-friendly planner 

I have an obsession with planners. But I'm also just as bad about not using them. I start but I don't always finish. I always find something wrong. From the size, how much I can fit, what content is in the planner - note pages, random math stuff, and so much more.

But here's the thing - I'm a cannabis user, solopreneur, soon to be an empty-nester hockey mom, newly wife, new dog mom, plant mom (but not to weed, not yet!), and soon-to-be on-the-road traveling lady! lol


Where's the planner for women with much older kids, or no kids, who choose to use weed, and is hustling to build a brand?  So, I'm building my own, tweaking the crap out of it and who knows maybe one day I will launch it! 

Online Class
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